Aims & Objectives


To support the social and economic development of the local community by providing access to good quality support services. To encourage and support social and commercial entrepreneurship and hence to enable Beighton to thrive and provide a rich variety of services to all parts of its community.


  • Create an entrepreneurial hub through which the local enterprise culture can be fostered and developed
  • Support the provision of local products and services by assisting providers in setting up and developing their services
  • Encourage and provide access to training and education opportunities
  • Encourage and facilitate the establishment of business clusters and local support networks
  • Support business start up and encourage micro businesses from within all sectors of the community
  • Use any surpluses generated by the enterprise to provide a trust fund which will be used within Beighton and surrounding areas

The aim of this website is to:

  • Encourage businesses to help each other
  • Inform businesses
  • Encourage use of free services
  • Promote local businesses